The Lives

The Robe Lives was designed for a purpose. The fabric prints are loud and definitely make a statement, but not just for fashion. When people ask you about the robe you're wearing, we hope you tell them why you're wearing it, not just where you bought it..

GIVING: Profit from every garment that you purchase from The Robe Lives contributes to programs administered by  What is the “cup?” – Simply, it’s a feminine hygiene product – but the organization addresses and serves to resolve a major societal issue that most people don’t want to talk about. Learn Why We're Giving To here.

BUYING: All robes are one of a kind. All fabrics are individually chosen and purchased by A&A.  We scour the Zanzibari markets to support the small business owners that make up the vibrant, eclectic, and historical marketplace that is the old town in Stone Town that we love. 

MAKING: All robes are cut and sewn in Zanzibar, Tanzania in a small “fundi” (handyman, in this case, a tailor) workshop.  The workshop is only about 15 feet deep and six feet across, and with the four excellent tailors and our mountain of fabrics, everything just about overflows into the street.

CONTRIBUTING: It takes a village to raise a child and takes a city to raise a company. We would like to give major shoutouts to some key professionals who have contributed and volunteered their time and skills to get us to this point.


Photography (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania): Clemence Photography 


A great big thank you to Jason Storey of Unknown Union @UnknownUnion for his tireless work in helping us to develop our future garments


Absolutely none of this would have been possible without Jakob Hoyer of Zan View Hotel in Zanzibar, Tanzania. A friend, host, guide, connector, and all around fixer for sourcing and manufacturing our garments. Thank you so much. Everyone, you must experience a day in our lives in Zanzibar by staying at Zan View Hotel where it all began!

MANAGING: We created The Robe Lives in 2015 after a six-week stay in Zanzibar.  The idea isn’t about making money, it's about chasing a purpose. We thought; if we can design a beautiful product and bring in the buyers, then we can create a lot of work and income for a small community in Africa that we love, and that it would be able to generate enough revenue that we can give to support charitable initiatives that resonate with us.  Our goal is that your purchases will enable us to continue operating this charity-funding project without taking any salaries or profits for ourselves.  If we can achieve that, then we would be forever grateful and will charge ahead on this mission.  More about us here: Visit A and A Take The World and join us on Instagram: @byebyeAdrienne and @heyheyAndrew

Thank you for being apart of this story.

Adrienne & Andrew McDermott