Season 4 Editorial Story: The Robe Lives 2019 by Kristina Varaksina

Photographer, Kristina Varaksina and Art Director, Neda Dion assembled an elegant yet mysterious, ensemble in New York City to highlight the movement and luxurious versatility of our new monochrome Ikat robes. Season 4 is cut & sewn in Jaipur, India from 100% cotton, hand-woven Ikat, which we source from Hyderabad. The vibrance and rigidity of The Robe Lives' Seasons 1-3 garments is now complemented by a supple, monochrome selection that will continue to be available for sale unlike our previous limited runs of only 1-3 garments per print.

As always, each robe purchased will enroll one young woman, who's living in poverty into a sexual and reproductive health education program and provide her with 10 years of menstrual hygiene products (Made possible by our partner

We hope to find you wearing our robes, on the beach, in the sheets, and on the street, but now they're comfier than ever, so we hope to see you MOVE in these monochrome vibes like our incredible models.

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Season 4 Team

  • Photographer: Kristina Varaksina @kristinavaraksina
  • Art Director / Stylist: Neda Dion @neda_dion
  • Makeup: Agus Suga @agussuga_mua
  • Hair: Yu Nakata @yunkt
  • Model: Isis Jimenez @isiis_jimenez
  • Model: Jen Dance @jen_dance
  • Model: Ippi Thapar @ippithapar
  • Model: Paul Mwesigwa @paulmwesigwa_amooti