Kano Kitenge

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This robe is made responsibly by hand in Zanzibar, Tanzania in a small workshop. The fabric is unique and vibrant, just like you could be if you bought one.

Robes are designed for the streets, the beach, and the sheets.

Every robe is either one of a kind or two of a kind. You may have a secret robe buddy out in the world somewhere, so keep your eyes peeled for your #RobeMate.

The product image is a 14in section of the print. Kitenge; the pattern is uniform throughout the entire robe. Khanga; the pattern changes throughout the robe, so the final product will be a fun surprise on arrival.

Occasionally a blemish will occur in the cotton wax-printing process that may make your robe perfectly imperfect.

Khanga, Kitenge, and similar fabrics are traditionally worn (today) throughout Africa as wraps and made into dresses, blouses, and other streetwear and couture designs.

Take a fun lifestyle photo and send it to us at and we will feature you on our Instagram page.

100% of the gross profit, after cost of goods, is being donated to, thank you so much for supporting this cause with us. (Learn more on "The Lives" page.

Never wear this robe and behave like an asshole to anyone.